Need space for your new equipment?

Most of our customers already have fitness equipment and may need to sell some of their equipment prior to delivery.  Your best option is to either request a trade in value at the time of purchase or simply request removal service at the time of delivery.   Extraction cost typically runs around $30 per item and if there is no cash value in your old gear then we will make sure it is disposed of and recycled properly.   If you are fortunate enough to have an item of value, we will provide you with an additional discount on your purchase.

One of the best ways to get an estimate for any equipment you have is go to and click on the “sell your equipment” link.  This will allow you to enter information about the product you are selling as well as upload any pictures you may have.   Our used equipment buyer will typically contact you via e-mail within a few hours of your submission.

Link to sell equipment:

Thanks and I hope this helps you with your future equipment purchases!

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