Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer

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Matrix Fitness S-Drive Performance Trainer

Discover the unmatched versatility of the S-Drive Performance Trainer to help your athletes elevate their explosiveness and endurance while refining form. Only the S-Drive Performance Trainer gives you everything you get from self-powered treadmills, weighted sleds, resistance parachutes and harness systems in one space-saving footprint.

Self-powered with true zero start and unlimited top speed
Dedicated sled bar and sled brake with 8 resistance settings and equivalent max pushing of 270 lbs.
Parachute brake with 11 resistance settings
7-degree incline ideal for sprinting and building strength
7″ Step-on height
Low-inertia design offers true-to-life ground reaction force

Upgrade Sled-Pushes:
Our unique design includes a sturdy, built-in bar that simulates sled pushing and pulling without needing the space to use a traditional sled. Multiple sled brake settings help coaches and trainers develop precise progression programs to maximize results.

Enhance Resistance Training:
A parachute brake with multiple settings gives users the feel of real parachute resistance, perfect for resisted sprint drills without extra gear or access to a large track or field.

Augment Agility:
Athletes can perform forward, lateral or reverse movements to maximize neuromuscular development and enhance agility. Full-length handrails offer stability as users switch rapidly from one phase of athletic movement to the next.

Elevate Sprinting:
The 7-degree incline and natural ground reaction force are ideal for building strength and explosiveness in sprint training without changing the athlete’s natural gait.

Optimize Form:
The intuitive, effortlessly adjustable harness allows for a complete upper-body range of movement. Its unique design helps users refine form while coaches observe multiple sprint phases, adjust resistance and provide real-time feedback.

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