Tuff Stuff CLH 300 Horizontal Plate Load Leg Press/Hack Squat


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This dual-purpose machine is great for a variety of lower body exercises and will lead users down a path to strong, sculpted leg muscles. Commercial grade parts and nickel-plated support rails give this TuffStuff equipment an aesthetic that will look great in any health club.


Instead of choosing between leg press and hack squat exercises, opt for a machine that gives you both in one. Users benefit from multiple foot placement options and a weight load that allows for precise pressing resistance.

More Features of the TuffStuff CLH 300 Horizontal Plate Load Leg Press/Hack Squat include:

Commercial Grade Linear Wheels: ergonomically designed seat carriage with top-grade wheels ride along nickel-plated support rails for smooth travel and an optimal range of motion

Dual Foot Plates: choose your foot placement to isolate different muscles for a truly targeted workout

Direct Belt Linkage Weight Load: pristine engineering creates the opportunity for precise pressing resistance

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