Vectra Fitness 1450 corner gym (w/210 lbs. & accessories)

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Made in USA Vectra Fitness 1450 Home Gym (we stock it with 210 lbs. Weight Stack + Squat Attachments, Calf Block & leg hold down Included)

The Vectra Fitness 1450 corner gym, incorporates many recent revolutionary design concepts found on other models in our home and commercial lineup.

Squats, Dips, Shoulder Shrugs and Calf Raises No pop pins or screw down adjustments Convenient weight stack access with a large number of high quality exercises.

If you have limited floor space, the 1450 may be the gym for you. This machine can be placed anywhere you want, even against a wall or in a corner, all of the exercises are performed within the footprint because the machine surrounds you. You don’t want to compromise the quality or total number of exercises that you’ll be performing on your home gym, and you won’t with the 1450.

Compact, space efficient design fits perfectly in a corner. This easy to use gym requires minimal adjustments and maximizes your valuable workout time. As a bench based gym, it provides comfort, proper exercise positioning, several pressing angles, and the ability to perform dumbbell exercises. The lying leg curl includes adjustable contoured leg rollers, and is performed in the traditional prone position. Adjustable high pulley accommodates various ceiling heights and physical characteristics of different users. The weight stack is easily accessible from any exercise position. Intelligent design creates a versatile environment where squats, dips, shoulder shrugs, calf raises, flat/incline and decline bench presses may be performed. These exercises are typically not found on other manufacturers’ gyms, or are not of the same high quality. The components used on the 1450 are the very best, including stainless steel guide rods, powder coated weight plates, ball bearing pulleys, and aircraft quality cable with stainless steel fittings. Large diameter tubing, besides adding to the integrity of the welded frame, creates an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look. Swiveling low pulley design increases the number of available upper and lower body exercises, to more thoroughly train your smaller muscle groups. Handcrafted and proudly made one at a time in the U.S.A. Includes instructional DVD and exercise / safety poster.

Specifications: Made in USA

Bench: 7 position bench back with 4 position bench bottom, spring loaded wheel, handle for bench positioning, and bench angle indicator. (bench is built in for you to mix in a dumbbell work out routine)

Press Arm: 20 positions with ball bearing pivots. Patented, easy to use release lever works in both directions.

Leg Developer: Ball bearing pivot, one touch adjustment from leg extension to lying leg curl, contoured and width-adjustable leg rollers.

1:1 lift ratio Cross chest fly arms: 3 swiveling attachment points.

Pulleys: Fiberglass reinforced nylon with ball bearing hub.

Cable: Internally lubricated, clear nylon coated, 7 x 19 strand construction, aircraft quality, 2000 lb. tensile strength with stainless steel fittings.

Guide Rods: Stainless steel, linear polished.

Frame: Heavy duty welded steel construction, quality powder coat finish for durability. Machine dimensions: 5’6″ x 5’9″. Height: 6’6″ to 6’11” Machine weight: 545 lbs. or 595 lbs. (depending on chosen weight stack) Cushions: Seamless, form fitted.

(You may see a lower price on Vectra Fitness website or other sites because it is shown without the Optional attachments like Squat attachment, calf block, leg hold down + 160 lbs. weight stack) we order and stock it with this optional attachments + 210 lbs. weight stack.

1 review for Vectra Fitness 1450 corner gym (w/210 lbs. & accessories)

  1. James Martin

    Best gym for your home! Small but powerful. Does everything!

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