Vectra VX FT-2 Functional trainer (2 stacks)

$5,695.00 $5,199.00


Made in USA Vectra Fitness VX-FT2 (2 weight stacks)

250 adjustments on each arm.

Relative to other products in this category, the VX-FT2 features twice as many pulley locations while reducing the number of adjustments in half. Whether your fitness level is advanced or that of a beginner, the VX-FT2 can adapt to your training needs.

Highlights Include:
  • Ability to train on multiple planes of motion.
  • Easy to use and extremely versatile.
  • Two independent articulating arms each with 250 different possible positions.
  • Vectra-designed sport handles available for sports specific training.

Why is the VX-FT2 right for you?

Because it’s the most progressive, versatile, and easy to use functional training machine available. This machine offers 3 different cable options to best fulfill your specific needs – machines from other manufacturers don’t offer this valuable choice. The VX-FT 2-stack functional trainer adapts to your gains in ability, with the freedom to have 1 or 2 users. You understand that functional training can improve your quality of life, and can play an important role in losing weight and reshaping your body. It allows you to train your body the same way it moves during activities, by using several muscle groups at the same time. It also helps to reduce the risk of injury, maintain spinal health, promotes tight abdominals and core strength.


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