VTX Kettlebells


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Cast Iron Kettlebells
Item SKU: KB-G2 $1.59 per lbs.

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Available in the following weights: 5lb. through 60lb. in 5lb. increments also available 70lb., 80lb. ,90 lb. and 100 lbs. 

Product Description: Our VTX Kettle Bells are considered one the best values in the industry, bar none, particularly in the Cross Fit community. With a larger, ergonomically rounded handle, it is perfectly suited for single or dual hand core body movements. A quality, baked enamel finish creates less friction when changing hand positions on transitional lifts. Our handle design securely attaches to the body of the bell, making it structurally sound enough to withstand the most rigorous workouts.

Intended to increase strength, agility, endurance and balance, our new black cast iron kettlebells will give you a total body workout. With new dual markings for both lb. and KG the new VTX Matte Black kettlebell will be a favorite for everyone.


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